How to Xbox One Cortana Voice Commands
 | Quick Guide 2022

How to Xbox One Cortana Voice Commands | Quick Guide 2022

Do you hate using the standard voice commands on your Xbox One? Well, there’s a way to get Cortana to do all the talking for you! Here are a few Cortana voice commands for your Xbox One:

– “Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like today?”
– “Hey Cortana, what’s the time?”
– “Hey Cortana, can you play music for me?”

How to use Xbox ONE voice commands without KINECT using CORTANA

How to enable Cortana voice commands on your Xbox One

First, open the Xbox One settings.

Next, select “Cortana.”

You will now be able to enable or disable Cortana voice commands.

To enable Cortana voice commands, select the “Enable Cortana” option.

To disable Cortana voice commands, select the “Disable Cortana” option.

How to change your Cortana voice on Xbox One

Xbox One allows you to change your voice for Cortana. To do this, first open the “Settings” menu on your Xbox One controller. Next, select “Personalization” and select “Cortana.” From here, you can select which voice you would like to use.

How to use Cortana voice commands on Xbox One

Xbox One is the perfect home for the world’s most advanced gaming console. With Cortana, you can control your entertainment experiences with your voice. Here are a few of the most popular Cortana voice commands for Xbox One.

Xbox One voice commands

“Xbox On”: Turn on your Xbox One
“Xbox Off”: Turn off your Xbox One
“Games”: Show your current playing games
“Movie Time”: Show the currently playing movie
“Music”: Show your current music playback
“TV”: Show the currently playing TV show
“Quick Play”: Play a game or movie from your library
“My Games & Apps”: View your games and apps
“Settings”: Change your console settings
“Ease of Access”: Enable or disable Narrator
“Add a Friend”: Invite a friend to play games with you
“Toggle Voice”: Turn on or off your microphone
“Equalizer”: Adjust the audio settings
“Shared Games”: View your shared games with friends
“Details”: Show more detailed information about a game or app
“Create a Party”: Create a party with friends
“Xbox Live”: Join or create a multiplayer game
“Me”: Show your

Cortana voice commands for Xbox One gaming

Xbox One owners rejoice! Cortana is now available on your console and she’s packing a lot of power. With just a few voice commands, you can get the most out of your gaming experience. Here are a few of our favorite Cortana commands for Xbox One:

For a quick glance at the game state, say “Xbox, show game state.”

To pause the game, say “Xbox, pause game.”

To resume the game, say “Xbox, resume game.”

To quit the game, say “Xbox, quit game.”

To open the Friends list, say “Xbox, open friends.”

To open the Chat mixed with Friends list, say “Xbox, open chat.”

To open the Media hub, say “Xbox, open media.”

To see which friends are online, say “Xbox, who’s online.”

To see which apps are open, say “Xbox, what’s open.”

To see which games are installed, say “Xbox, what’s installed.”

To see which channels are available, say “Xbox, what’s available.”

To see what time it is, say “Xbox, time.”

To change the channel, say “

Cortana voice commands for Xbox One party chat

Xbox One’s party chat service lets you communicate with friends in real time while playing games or watching TV. You can use voice commands to control your party chat experience.

Here are some of the most popular voice commands for Xbox One’s party chat service.

To start a conversation with a friend, say: “Hey, let’s chat.”

To reply to a conversation, say: “I’m here.”

To end a conversation, say: “See you later.”

To start a voice chat with a specific friend, say: “Hey, let’s chat with John.”

To end a voice chat with a specific friend, say: “I’ll talk to John later.”


Xbox one users can use Cortana to control their console in a number of ways. For example, you can use Cortana to change the volume, play a specific game, or launch a specific app. Cortana is also able to provide quick access to settings and features on your Xbox One.

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