How to Download So Player on Firestick? Best IPTV Player 2022

How to download So Player on firestick? is the mainstream question nowadays. This player is one of the best among the numerous IPTV players on firestick. Although the player doesn’t contain any content, it is harmonious with the IPTV services. Firesticks are in different forms. Amazon Firestick is one among them to celebrate multimedia streaming through the internet. The HDMI port plays an important role here. Firestick plugin with HDMI port transforms your TV. 

Let us get started to know more details about the process of downloading the player on your firestick. 

Overview of So Player on Firestick

The So player doesn’t contain its channels. The services of this player entirely depend upon an IPTV connection. The login credentials are necessary to approach the player on your firestick. As a result, you may watch all your favourite channels around the globe. The live TV option is also a great option for everyone. Moreover, the users love to rely on IPTV services instead of ESPN+ and Youtube TV.

So Player

The Subscription based service in the company of IPTV makes provisions for lots of channels like news, live TV, sports and more. They are open for Internet protocol television services with IPTV Players, yet one should choose So player to streamline their favourite content with quality. Many examples showcase the quality. Moreover, it is a third-party player and easy to connect with all operating systems. 

Why Download So Player on Firestick (Features) 

IPTV player and IPTV service/provider are two different things to recognize. The difference is clear: players are there to play your existing content. They don’t settle your issue of programs and channels. Similarly, Service providers don’t hold a player system because they work on quality streaming only. 

Now study some feature points here & why you should download So player on firestick.

  • It offers the best quality media streaming in the company of IPTV services. 
  • One can easily access the services because the interface is entirely operator-friendly.
  • The IP address is the crucial point to serve your desired content on demand.
  • The developers have worked on a quality product. As a result, you love the videotape quality of your entertainment. 
  • Like we said before, live streaming is a plus point here. So the player has EPG to execute its promise of live streaming. 
  • The subscription service of IPTV enhances the feature of the concerned player. 
  • Easy customization of the application makes you rely on the same. 
  • Many devices you can find to play your content with So. Operating systems, personal computers, iPhone operating systems, firestick TV, firestick lite, fire TV cube, and more. 
  • Like all other media streaming platforms, this player also makes the system of your content. Your watching consistency helps you to connect your next program. 

Features of the Latest Version of So Player

  • You may see more user-friendly features on the player.
  • Easy to navigate with rewinding and double time speed.
  • Technical issues have no place, and bugs are out of the app.

How to Download So Player?

The app is available on the Google Play store. That’s not enough to tell you the installation process because you can not download it due to some policy restrictions. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the Amazon store also doesn’t hold this app. Sideloading is only an option to set up your favourite player with your firestick. The whole process is a little bit longer, but it is simple. Let us go through the procedure to answer your question right here.


  • The sideloading is possible with the help of the Downloader app. To get this app on your device, visit the home screen to choose the “Find” option from Menu Bar.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • The Virtual keyboard will appear before you to search the downloader app.
  • Check out the results and find it with an orange color appearance. 
  • Click to Download and save it on your firestick. 
  • Internet connection stability will ensure the downloading procedure. 
  • Wait for the next stage after saving this app on your device.

Settings of Firestick

Settings of Firestick

  • Here, make some changes in the “Setting” option to smoothly install your So player. 
  • Check out the home screen to initiate the process.
  • Find the “Setting” option there and click.
  • Figure out the “My Fire TV” choice and enter into it.
  • Check mark the “Developer Options” to turn on the selection “Apps From Unknown Sources.”
  • On a promising note, you are ready to install outside apps on your firestick, leaving behind the google play store and amazon store. 

 Install So Player Now

So Player on Firestick

  • The 3-tiles and one plus mark logo will appear on your tv screen stand next to the “Setting” option. 
  • It is an app menu where you will find your downloader app because it is not apparent in shortcut form. 
  • From the appeared list, click on the downloader app.
  • In search, option type the URL (
  • Press the “Go” button on the downside of the search bar.
  • This command will start downloading your apk file on your firestick.
  • As soon as downloading gets finished, install the app by opening the android package kit file. 
  • Mark this step by deleting the apk file from your TV stick for the smooth and bug-free running of the So player. 
  • Now you are fully ready to enjoy Live TV.

Note: Some policy restrictions and other factors keep this app away from these well-known App stores. It is a sanctioned app for the users, and you won’t have to counter any legal factors while using the app or the player. So ignore all the elements leading to doubt this apk file to streamline your IPTV services. 

Free of Cost

The usage of the player doesn’t cost you anything. You may take this step any time you want. Yes, things are a little confusing when comparing IPTV Services and IPTV players. Let us clear it here. IPTV services/providers are responsible for your content and demand paid Subscription. On the other hand, you can counter the subscription issue with IPTV players because they are free. All in all, you can say that service providers are pricey, but players are cost-free.

The Launching Process for So Player

Launch of So Player

  • Firstly take the permissive Subscription of the IPTV Services and activate it further. 
  • Without a service subscription, you can not launch the So player. 
  • Content, Video program, or even Live TV all depends on the Subscription. There is no role for the So players, even if it is an IPTV player.
  • Open the So Player app on your firestick.
  • Complete the update process if required.
  • Choose one option from Username and pin option.
  • The process is similar to other signing-in practices. Enter your Internet Protocol Television service provider account details and log in to the app.
  • For using the Pincode option, enter the service provider name and log in with the pin code attached to it. 
  • You are all set to streamline your favourite content on demand. 

Name of Alternatives of So players

There are numerous names for IPTV players. One can choose any alternative for its comfort. Meanwhile, don’t forget that the So player is always on the peak of the list. No matter what you are looking for, you always have options for media players. Let us find them below.

  • Perfect player
  • IPTV Smarters
  • Tivi Mate
  • Flix IPTV
  • IPTV Extreme Pro
  • iM player
  • Players Klub

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VPN Services & So Player on Firestick

Expert safety is crucial when you are finding answers to How to Download So Player on Firestick. VPN is always an important tool to notify for apk files downloaded from third-party addresses. Many brands are available in the market for VPN services, yet ExpressVPN is on the top of the list, like the So Player itself. 

VPN Services

The ExpressVPN offers speedy network security and all-across platform compatibility. One takes a Subscription to this VPN of an initial level 30 days pack. Money-back guarantees an extra point to note when you doubt its productivity. After taking a Subscription of the same, search the ExpressVPN on the “Find” option of your firestick and start downloading it. Put the user details after installation and connect it with your firestick or other devices.

The Final Verdict

In our last words, we will say that it was our duty to answer your question: How to Download So Player on Firestick? but brainy execution is in your hands now. We have solved your query related to terms attached to your So player. HDMI port, Amazon fire stick, IPTV service provider, IPTV players, Downloader app, Subscription charges, and VPN services are the highlights of this article. Now, be relaxed and execute the steps we have presented before you for unstoppable media content enjoyment.

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