How to Download Apps on Vizio TV

How to Download Apps on Vizio TV Without V Button?

Many occasions are on the surface when you have to download and install some apps on your Vizio TV. But how to download apps on Vizio TV without the V button makes things a little challenging here. You have invested in this TV because you were sure about your entertainment with this item. V Button’s inactiveness has negatively changed your experience. 

Don’t worry about it. We are to summarise some alternatives to define your positive experience with Vizio without V Button. Let us take an overview of your problem and our solution. 

Download Apps on Vizio TV Without V Button: A Brief Introduction

Though the Vizio TV has enough pre-installed applications, sometimes the user wants an outsider app for its entertainment, which creates a hassle here. Pre-installed applications are not enough for the user, so they install more apps on their TV. Furthermore, it is not possible because of the issues with the software or the hardware attached to it. V Button problem is the issue of hardware. 

How to Download Apps on Vizio TV Without V Button

The inactiveness of the V button sources many questions about downloading third-party applications. However, one can find many options to solve this issue.

  • One can use Vizio Internet Apps Plus to install applications on your TV.
  • Apart from that, the sideload option is always open for the user as it works on another firestick TV too. 
  • Flash TV and the SmartCast app are the way forward when you are open to sideload options.
  • That is not the end; one may find more sections for tackling hardware issues.
  • The noteworthy thing is the model of the TV.
  • That is the point where you have to conquer your app downloader option.  

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TV Models That Are Compatible With the Vizio TV

Vizio TV Without V Button

To use the perfect method, you must know which model you have with the TV. The operating system used in the devices, software, and release dates plays a crucial role here. Let us look at these models to coordinate them with alternative apps. Here we go. 

  • SmartCast App platform:- It is the helping hand of your Vizio TV, which got released in the wake of 2018. Apart from that, the minimal verdict of about 3,840 and 2160 pixels is also part of the Smartcast App platform. They were open in the year 2016-2017.
  • The Absence of Smartcast:- Of course, it is available in some Vizio TVs of 4k UHD. But without app addition, you can find it again in the year 2016-2017.
  • VIA:- The absolute name of VIA stands for Vizio Internet Apps. You can experience the availability of this app on the TVs released in 2013. Move on to the next alternative.
  • VIA Plus Method:- It is a plus method. You can imagine the existence of this app with its name. You can discover this app in the televisions that came into the market in 2013-2017. 
  • Chromecast and Roku:- It is a method useful for your problem apart from other options. Please ensure the model of the TV before using this method.  

What Are The Best Methods To Download Vizio TV Without the V Button?

We have given you details of your TV model and its connections with the methods. Now let us know these methods in a detailed manner so that you can use them smartly and effectively.

How to Download Apps on Vizio TV Without V Button

Method 1: Use Vizio Internet Apps Plus

 This method is simple. You can easily conquer your battle of the remote without the V button. No need to say that you have a perfect network connection to start this operation. 

  • Hold your remote in your hand and press down the “Home Button.” Do it twice.
  • Therefore, you may see the screen showing you the list of the apps pre-installed on your device. 
  • Now take a further move and choose the app you want to install on your device. 
  • Throw it on the installation mode to finish the procedure with the V Button. 

Method 2: Use ScreenCast Method

ScreenCast Method

It is among the several methods for resolving your issue of how to download apps on Vizio TV without the V button. Here you can see a new way to connect your desired app with the help of your mobile phone.

  • Both your devices should have stable internet connections with the same network. It is because the mobile phone can trace the connected device quickly.
  • Now open the app you want on your smartphone and check the options available to connect it to other devices. 
  • Select the Vizio TV option and connect it effectively to solve your V Button issue. 
How To Use The Laptop for Screencast?

Usage of Laptop for Screencast

  • A screencast is an option where you can join many devices with your Vizio TV.
  • Wireless connections are the prime component here. Because this way, the devices can trace the availability of the screen. 
  • Here you need to have an updated window system (10).
  • Use Google Chrome Browser here for connecting two screens. You can choose another browser too if it works the same as google. 
  • Tap the 3-dots in the top right corner. A drop-down list will show you the option of “Cast.” The Wireless Display option will ask you to choose one option between screen share or device connection. 
  • See, you are all set with it. Now enjoy your favorite apps and enjoy the positive vibes of your TV.

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Wrapping Up

How to download apps on Vizio TV without the V button is wrapping up the situation with its priceless answer. You may think that now you have enough to come out with the issue of V Button. Flash TV, Smartcast app, Vizio Internet app plus, Vizio internet app, and screenCast are the ways possible here. Look at the role of this article where we have given you a short description of the TV and usage of the V button. After that, the TV model details and the company of helping apps are the primary sources of your problem-solving patterns. Furthermore, take help from the content and appreciate the work for further assistance.

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