How to File Explorer Dark Theme
 | Quick Guide 2022

How to File Explorer Dark Theme | Quick Guide 2022

File explorer themes can be a great way to personalize your Windows 10 experience. If you’re looking for a dark theme, you can try the Dark Explorer theme by Maksim Kljuc. This theme changes the default file explorer color to dark blue, which is perfect if you want to make your PC look more professional.

How to Enable File Explorer Dark Mode on Windows 10

File Explorer’s Dark Theme is Here

File Explorer’s Dark Theme is designed to make your file browsing experience more professional, witty and clever. It enhances the dark look and feel of File Explorer, making it easier to see what you’re looking for in the dark.

How to Enable File Explorer’s Dark Theme

To enable the dark theme in File Explorer, follow these steps:

1. Open File Explorer and click on the View tab.

2. Under the Appearance section, click on the Theme tab.

3. Toggle the Dark theme option to On.

4. Click on OK to apply the changes.

How to Customize File Explorer’s Dark Theme

If you’re like most people, you like to have your computer look pretty. So, you want to make sure that you’re using the right theme for your computer. One option is to use a light theme. However, this might not be ideal if you want to use file explorer as your main interface for working on your computer.

Fortunately, you can customize file explorer’s dark theme to make it look just the way you want it to. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open file explorer and click the “Themes” button (it’s near the top of the window).

2. Select the “Dark” theme from the list.

3. Click the “Apply” button.

4. If you want to make any adjustments to the theme, click the “Customize” button and make your changes.

5. Click the “OK” button to apply the changes and exit the theme customization window.

There you have it! You’ve customized file explorer’s dark theme to look just the way you want it to.

File Explorer’s Dark Theme: Pros and Cons

File Explorer’s Dark Theme


  • The dark theme makes your files and folders more legible in low light conditions
  • It makes your computer look more professional and sleek


  • Some users find it difficult to orient themselves when working in the dark theme
  • It can be tiring on the eyes after a while

Should You Use File Explorer’s Dark Theme?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use File Explorer’s dark theme. For one, it can make your computer look more professional. Additionally, dark themes can help you stay focused when you’re working on a project. And finally, a dark theme can make your computer look sleek and stylish. So if you’re looking to improve your productivity, look into using File Explorer’s dark theme.


If you’re looking for a dark theme for your file explorer, check out the dark theme for File Explorer by @NirCmd. It’s a great way to make your file explorer look a little more professional.

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