How to Automatically Archive Outlook 2010 | Quick Guide 2022

Outlook 2010 automatically archives your email, calendar, and contact information when you quit or Backup and Restore your computer. This saves you time and hassle if you decide to reinstall Outlook.

How to automatically archive emails in Outlook

There are times when you need to archive an email manually. Perhaps you need to store a copy of an email for legal reasons, or you want to keep a record of an important conversation.

However, you may also want to archive all of your email automatically. This way, you can simply glance at your archive and see all of the emails that you’ve sent or received.

Here’s how to configure Outlook to automatically archive your emails:

1. In Outlook, open the mail folder.

  1. Click the Archive button (the one with an arrow next to it).
  2. In the Archive dialog box, select the option to Archive all messages.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Outlook will archive your emails automatically.
  5. You can access your archive either by clicking the Archive icon on the Navigation Pane or by going to the folder where your email messages are stored.

The benefits of automatic archiving in Outlook

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for ways to optimize your work flow. One task that can often be reduced is the time it takes to archive email. Automatic archiving in Outlook 2010 allows you to automatically archive messages as they are sent, instead of having to manually archive them each time. This can save you time and ensure that important email remains organized and easily accessible.

Additionally, automatic archiving can help to keep your inbox tidy. If you routinely delete email without archiving it, your inbox will quickly become cluttered and difficult to manage. By archiving messages automatically, you can keep track of important messages and make it easy to access them at any time.

Automatic archiving is a great way to optimize your work flow and keep your inbox tidy. If you’re not using it, make sure to check out Outlook 2010’s automatic archiving features!

How to set up automatic archiving in Outlook

If you want to set up automatic archiving in Outlook 2010, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Outlook and click on the File tab.

2. Click on Options.

3. Under the General tab, click on the Archiving section.

4. Click on the Add button.

5. In the Archive type box, select the Auto Archive check box.

6. In the Schedule box, select the Automatically archive all items check box.

7. In the Location box, enter a location where you want Outlook to save the archived items.

8. Click on the OK button.

Now your Outlook will automatically archive all your items every day. To disable automatic archiving, simply uncheck the Automatically archive all items check box in the Schedule box.

The pros and cons of automatic archiving in Outlook


  1. Automated archiving saves you time by automatically saving your emails and attachments in a designated archive folder.
  2. If you ever need to access a past email or attachment, you can simply open the archive folder and retrieve the file.
  3. Outlook 2010 can automatically create new archive folders as you save new emails and attachments.
  4. If you have multiple email addresses connected to your Outlook account, Outlook 2010 can archive emails and attachments from each address in the same archive folder.
  5. You can configure Outlook 2010 to archive your emails and attachments automatically every day, weekly, or monthly.


  6. You may not always want or need to archive your emails and attachments.
  7. If you forget to archive your emails and attachments, they may be lost forever.
  8. If you delete an email or attachment from your archive, it will also be deleted from your email account.
  9. If your email account is compromised, your archived emails and attachments could be accessed and used by someone else.

    Based on these pros and cons, it seems that automated archiving in Outlook is a good choice for many users. However, be sure to consider the potential cons before making the switch. If you decide that automatic archiving is not for you, you can always disable the feature.

Is automatic archiving in Outlook right for you?

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Outlook 2010 automatically archives your emails, contacts, and calendars every 30 days. This is a great way to keep your data organized and accessible.

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