How to Ring Doorbell Not Charging | Quick Guide 2022

One common issue that users of Ring’s doorbell service report is that the devices don’t seem to be charging. Ring has acknowledged the issue, but hasn’t provided a clear solution.

Some users have found that connecting the Ring doorbell to an outlet using a USB-C cable resolves the charging issue, while others have reported that using a different outlet or using a different USB-C cable fixes the problem. Ring has not released a statement on the issue and has not provided a clear answer on how to charge the devices.

Doorbell not charging? Try these fixes

Ring doorbell not charging? Here are some possible fixes:

1. Make sure that the power to the doorbell is on.

  1. Make sure that the batteries in the doorbell are fully charged.
  2. Make sure that the doorbell is physically connected to the power outlet and the Ring app.
  3. Reset the doorbell’s firmware. This can be done by removing the battery and then reconnecting it to the doorbell and pressing and holding the reset button for about 30 seconds.
  4. Try a different charging cable.
  5. Try a different power outlet.
  6. Try a different doorbell.
  7. Try a different Ring app.

# Check the transformer

The first thing to check is the transformer. Ring admits on their website that “some models may not work with some transformer brands.” If your transformer is the issue, then you’ll need to purchase a new one. If the transformer is fine and the battery is dead, then there may be a problem with the wiring. Ring is known for using low quality wiring, so if you’re having problems with your ring doorbell not charging, it may be worth investigating whether or not your wiring is up to par.

# Check your wiring

  1. Make sure all of the wires are plugged in securely and the correct wires are plugged into the correct ports.
  2. Make sure the power is turned on to the Ring Doorbell
  3. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged in
  4. Make sure the battery is fully charged
  5. Make sure the ring doorbell is situated in a location that receives good sunlight
  6. Check for obstructions (e.g. branches) that may be blocking the camera’s view.
  7. Check for water infiltration (e.g. an exterior flood) that may be causing the doorbell to intermittently not work.
  8. If all of these checks pass, then it is likely that the problem resides with the wiring. In this case, it may be necessary to have a professional technician come out and troubleshoot the issue.

# Check for loose connections

The first thing you should do is check for loose connections.Ring doorbells are usually plugged into an electrical outlet, so if there are any loose connections, this could be the cause of the problem.

Another possibility is that the battery might not be charging correctly. Ring doorbells use a micro-USB port to charge, so if there is something obstructing the port, the battery won’t be able to get enough power to function. If this is the case, you’ll need to take the doorbell apart and clean out the port.

If all of the above checks out and the doorbell still isn’t charging, it might be time to replace the battery.

# Check the battery

Assuming your Ring doorbell is not charging, it might be due to a dead battery. To test if the battery is dead, press and hold the “Power” button on the Ring doorbell for about 20 seconds. If the LED on the front of the Ring doorbell starts blinking, then the battery is probably dead and you will need to replace it. If the LED does not blink, then the battery might be ok, but you might want to consider replacing it anyways just to be safe.

# Try a different power source

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t charging, there could be a few things wrong.

First, make sure that the power outlet your Ring Doorbell is plugged into is working. If it’s not, you may need to replace your home’s wiring.

Second, make sure that your Ring Doorbell is properly connected to your Wi-Fi network. If it’s not, your Ring Doorbell may not be able to connect to the internet and register with the Ring app.

Third, make sure that your Ring Doorbell’s batteries are fully charged. If they’re not, your Ring Doorbell may not be able to transmit audio or receive video.

If all of these things check out and your Ring Doorbell still isn’t charging, it may be because of a problem with the cord. Try using a different cord if you still have one. If you don’t have a spare cord, you can try contacting Ring support for help.


If your ring doorbell is not charging, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check to make sure that the outlet you are using is working properly. If the outlet is working, make sure that the doorbell is plugged into the correct outlet. If the outlet is working and the doorbell is plugged in, it may be that the battery is not charging. Try different chargers to see if one works better than the others. If the battery still does not charge, it may be that the ring doorbell is not working properly.

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