How to Hiberfil.sys Large
 | Quick Guide 2022

How to Hiberfil.sys Large | Quick Guide 2022

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What are hiberfil.sys pagefile.sys swapfile.sys large files? how to delete? Windows

Hibernation mode in Windows

Windows hibernates your computer to save energy when your computer isn’t in use. When you start your computer, Windows restores the computer to its last awake state.

What is hiberfil sys?

Hiberfil sys is a file System that allows Linux/UNIX systems to save their current state and resume it later. This can be very useful when you need to change something on your system, but don’t want to reboot. Simply save your current configuration and you’re ready to go.

How hiberfil sys works

When you save your configuration with hiberfil sys, you are actually saving a copy of your entire file system. This copy is stored in a file called “hiberfil.sys”. Once you have saved your configuration, you can resume your system by loading the hiberfil.sys file.

How to delete hiberfil sys?

Deleting hiberfil sys is not as difficult as one may think. In fact, most users can complete this process in just a few simple steps.

To begin, locate the hiberfil sys folder on your computer. This is typically located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.

Once you have located the hiberfil sys folder, open it up by clicking on the File menu and selecting Open.

Once the hiberfil sys folder has been opened, you will need to locate the hiberfil.sys file. This file is located in the hiberfil sys folder and is typically named hiberfil.sys.

Once you have located the hiberfil.sys file, you will need to copy it to a safe location. You can do this by clicking on the File menu and selecting Copy.

Once the hiberfil.sys file has been copied to a safe location, you will need to delete it. To do this, you will need to open the File menu and select Delete.

After the hiberfil.sys file has been deleted, you will need to restart your computer. To do this, you will need to click on the Start menu and select Restart.

Once your computer has restarted, you will be able to delete the hiberfil sys folder and the hiberfil.sys file.

Does hiberfil sys slow down my computer?

hiberfil.sys is a driver that is used by the Windows operating system to help reduce power consumption when your computer is inactive. This driver is also used to reconfigure your computer when you first power it on after being turned off.

Why is my hiberfil sys so large?

Thank you for your question. Hiberfil sys is actually a type of hibernation filename. Hibernation filename is a special file name used by the Windows operating system to store the information about hibernation. When a user hibernates their computer, the Windows operating system saves all open files and the state of the computer’s memory to the hibernation filename. The hibernation filename can be up to 128 characters long.

The reason hiberfil sys is so large is because it contains the entire state of the computer’s memory. This is why it is important to create a good password for your hibernation filename. If someone were to steal your hibernation filename, they would be able to access all of the information about your computer’s memory.


Hibernation is a powerful tool for saving disk space. If your computer is hibernated, it will not use as much disk space as it would if it were running.

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