How to   Export Safari Bookmarks
 | Quick Guide 2022

How to Export Safari Bookmarks | Quick Guide 2022

Export Safari Bookmarks is a handy extension for Safari that lets you easily export all your bookmarks to a file. This is a great way to keep your bookmarks organized and easily accessible, especially if you use different browsers or computers.

How To Export Bookmarks From Safari on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4

How to export your safari bookmarks

First, go to your safari bookmarks, and click on the “Bookmarks” tab.

Next, click on the “Export Bookmarks” button.

On the export page, you’ll need to provide a name for your export, and select the folders in which you want the bookmarks to be exported to.

Click the “Export” button to begin the process.

The exported bookmarks will be saved in the same folders as your safari bookmarks, and will be named similarly.

Why you should export your safari bookmarks

Your safari bookmarks are a valuable source of information, which you can use to improve your web browsing experience. Whether you need to remember a web page address or want to find a particular article again, exporting your safari bookmarks will help you to keep track of the information you visit most frequently.

When you export your safari bookmarks, you can create a file that includes all of the web pages that you have visited in safari, as well as all of the articles that you have read. This file can be very helpful when you need to find information quickly, or when you want to share your browsing experiences with friends.

Export your safari bookmarks now and improve your web browsing experience!

easy steps to exporting your safari bookmarks

Export Safari Bookmarks

If you want to export your Safari bookmarks so you can import them into another browser or email client, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch Safari and open the Bookmarks bar.

  1. Select all of the bookmarks in the bar by pressing Command+A (PC: Ctrl+A).
  2. Click the File menu and select Export.
  3. In the Export Bookmarks dialog box, select a location to export the bookmarks to, and then click Save.
  4. Your bookmarks are now exported and ready to be imported into another program or email client.

What to do with your exported safari bookmarks

Export your Safari bookmarks onto a document or spreadsheet. This will make it easy to access and manage your bookmarks. You can also use this document to keep track of your browsing history.

Safari bookmark export tips

Bookmarking your favorite websites has never been easier with the Safari Bookmark Export feature. You can easily export all your bookmarks to a .safari bookmark file, so you always have the most current version at your fingertips.

To export your bookmarks:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to any website you’d like to bookmark.
  2. Press the “Command” (PC: “Ctrl”) key and click the “Bookmark” button at the top of the window.
  3. Click the “Export” button at the bottom of the window.
  4. In the “Bookmark Export File Format” drop-down menu, select “Safari Bookmark.”
  5. Click the “Export” button to export your bookmarks.
  6. Navigate to the “Safari Bookmark Export” folder on your hard drive and open the “bookmarks.safari” file.
  7. Bookmark all the websites you want to keep in sync with this file, and you’re ready to go!


Safari Bookmarks can be exported as an iMovie project or as an HTML file.

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