How to Connect My Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi : Simplest Methods 2021

If you also want to know the answer to How to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi, then this guide might help you in certain ways. 

Well, today’s world cannot keep calm without having a dynamic model of Canon printers. Not only does Canon define the printing qualities with its stupendous prints and layouts but takes care of every printing needs.

There is no doubt that having a Canon printer on your door eases so many printing tasks, but, it can end up with some issues and problems if you have not set it up correctly. So, it is really required to have a knowledge of the procedure. 

This guide will be helpful in all Pixma models like MG2522 and MG3022. Hence, if you are wondering how to connect Pixma MG3022 printer to WiFi, then just explore your ways throughout. Now, let’s get started.  

How to Connect my Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi

There are three options that you can use to connect your Canon Pixma printer to WiFi. Just get into the post and learn what they are. 

WPS Connection Method

So, the first one is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) connection method. It is a wireless network security standard that helps in establishing the connection between the wireless device and a router. You can check out the steps to learn how to use it. 

The user needs to take care of the things before using the WPS connection method. So, check out the pointers below to do so. 

  • The WiFi router must have a WPS button. 
  • Also, it should use security protocols such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2. 

Once ensuring these two things, try out the steps provided below and learn how you can conduct the procedure. 

  • To initiate, turn on the printer. 
  • Also, switch on the WiFi router with the WPS button. 
  • Navigate towards the printer’s control panel. 
  • Try to locate the WiFi button and press the same. 
  • Consequently, choose the LAN Wireless setup option. 

LAN wireless setup

  • After that, hit the OK button.  
  • The printer will now search to find out the access point of the wireless network. 
  • Select the WiFi network titled Canon. 
  • Then, press the WiFi access point.
  • It will prompt with a passphrase or WPA key. 
  • You are now required to specify the WiFi password. 
  • Choose OK. 
  • The procedure will take some extra time to connect the Canon printer with the WiFi router access point. 
  • Subsequently, you need to connect the Canon printer and router. 
  • You will see that the WiFi light and power will not flash anymore as it lits constantly.
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Standard Connection Method for Windows

The standard connection method is only applicable for Windows users only. So, if you want to know how to connect Canon Pixma MG2920 printer to wifi with this method, then, check out the steps below. 

  • To begin, you need to insert the CD.
  • Then, try to run the setup. 
  • If the setup CD-ROM is not running successfully, then again insert the CD. 
  • Hit the My Computer tab. 
  • Consequently, choose This PC. 
  • After that, click on CD-ROM. 
  • You need to now launch the MSETUP4.EXE. 
  • Make sure to download the manuals and software if you don’t acquire the CD. 
  • Tap Next from the screen that appears. 
  • Again, you need to tap the Wireless LAN connection as a connection method. 
  • Choose Next button. 
  • Head towards the Access Point Connection on the window named Select the Wireless LAN connection method. 
  • Examine that you have turned on the printer. 
  • The green lamp should be lit properly. 
  • Choose Next. 
  • The search for the network will begin now.
  • Make sure to put a checkmark on the Setting printer that could not be found on the list if you are setting it up for the first time. 
  • Setup guide installation will be initiated now. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Choose Cableless Setup. 

cableless setup for Canon Pixma

  • If you see any new prompt then make sure to hold down the WiFi button. 
  • Subsequently, hit Next. 
  • Also, take your eyes on the lamps to check green lamp is lit and the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes instantly. 
  • Click on the Next button. 
  • Setting up message will now appear on the screen. 
  • Choose Next once finishing the connection to the access point. 
  • Select the appropriate region when prompted with and also select Next. 
  • Afterward, choose the language from another window. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Go through the options carefully and choose the software that you want to install. 
  • Select Next. 
  • Hit the Yes button from another screen “License Agreement Canon Products”

ow to connect my canon pixma printer to wifi : license agreement

  • Again, click on Next when prompter with “Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes”
  • The program will start installing on the device. 
  • It is recommended to choose Redetect button to find out your printer. 
  • You will be asked now to indicate your printer’s model and SSID of the wireless network. 
  • Hit the Complete button. 
  • Choose to Execute if you are setting up the printer for the first time. 
  • Go through the online guidelines to conduct the print head alignment. 
  • You can also choose the Next button. 
  • Select OK from Setup Complete window too. 

how to connect canon pixma mg3022 printer to wifi : setup completion

  • Choose Next if want to register the printer. 
  • Although, you can do it later with the Quick Menu software.
  • Hit on the Agree button if want to participate in the Extended Survey Program. Choose any of the following Agree or Do not Agree. 
  • If you want to test a print test page on your printer then choose Execute button. 
  • Tap the Next button. 
  • Complete the entire procedure by selecting the Exit button. 
  • Skipping any of the steps may cause Printer Not Responding Error.

Cableless Setup Method for Mac

Mac users can prefer the cableless setup method for establishing the connection between two platforms. 

  • First of all, you need to download the installation program. 
  • After downloading it, move towards the file where you have located it. 
  • Don’t forget to launch this file. 
  • Double click on the setup on the new screen. 
  • Hit the Open button now. 
  • Also, tap Next. 
  • Provide the specific password and tap the Install Helper button. 

 printer to wifi

  • You can choose the Next button. 
  • Thereafter, you need to consider the Wireless LAN Connection as the connection method. 
  • Select the Next button. 
  • Afterward, choose Access Point Connection (recommended) from the Wireless LAN connection method. 
  • Don’t forget to click on Next. 
  • Switch on the Printer and ensure that light of green power lamp. 
  • The software will start its search to find out the network connected with your printer. 

 printer to wifi

  • If you cannot set up your printer then checkmark Setting printer could not be found on the list. 
  • Go to the bottom corner and choose the Next tab. 
  • Choose the Open option when you see Canon IJ Setup Guide. 
  • Again, hit Next. 
  • Thereafter, consider a Cableless setup. 
  • Now, press and hold the WiFi button A till the orange lamp lights 2 times. 
  • Make sure to leave it after it gives a second flash. 
  • Consequently, choose next. 
  • Also, the green lamp should be lit properly with a blue Wi-Fi lamp instant flash. 
  • The setting message will be now on your desktop. 
  • Hit the Allow button thereafter. 
  • Choose Next from the window named Connection Completed. 
  • Fill in the appropriate region followed by choosing Next. 

choose residence

  • Also, choose your language as well. 
  • You will be prompted with a list now, just ensure to install the right one for your software. 
  • Tap Next. 
  • Read the License Agreement carefully and choose yes. 
  • You can now select any of the following options Agree or Do not agree.
  • The downloading procedure of your software will start now. 
  • Choose the printer that Canon IJ Network tool detects. 
  • Also, choose Add Printer button. 
  • Hit on the Canon IJ Network when seeing the window. 
  • Then, choose Add button. 
  • Choose next from another screen. 
  • Pick the Execute tab if this is the first time you are setting up the printer and choose Next. 
  • Again, choose Next from another screen. 
  • You will be asked if want to register the printer or not. Make sure to choose Next there. 
  • The user can also register it later with the help of Quick Menu software. 
  • Don’t forget to select the Cancel button. 
  • Again, if it is prominent for you to take part in the Extended Survey Program then choose Agree. 
  • If not, then hit Do not agree. 
  • To perform a test print, select the Execute button, followed by hitting Next. 
  • Complete the installation procedure now. 
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Winding Up!

You can use any of the following methods described above according to your requirements. These connection methods are quite simple to perform. You can easily conduct and start the printing by accessing your mac, windows, and other devices. We hope that the article has resolved all queries of how to connect Canon Pixma to WiFi. However, if you want to ask anything else and know more about the printer then get in touch with our team of experts. We make sure that you will not feel any kind of issues further. 

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