123.hp.com/Setup & Installation: Complete Guide (Troubleshooting Process)

HP printer setup is made easier with the aid of 123.hp.com/setup. The code is part of a protocol for setting up an HP printer online with a senior technician. The article covers how to set up your 123 HP com printer, how to download a printer driver, how to set up wirelessly with your HP printer (all platforms), how to set up mobile printing with HP Scan Doctor, installing HP Smart app, and troubleshooting your HP printer. A 123.hp/setup session is a secure and safe method to set up your HP printer. Let us start with all the aspects of 123HP now.



HP Printers are among the most popular printers on the market, and they work well with PCs. There is no doubt that 123 HP Printers are a top choice for home users, small offices, and even business customers. After buying, you must unbox your new HP printer and install it on your computer before using it. Only then we can begin printing. Since you’re new to computers, it’s not possible to set up a new printer.

We’re here to help you with basic initial setup, driver installation, wireless setup, and fixing problems related to HP printers.  We’ve provided helpful instructions to help you through the process. Our 123.hp/setup guide is here to help you fix any printer problem occurring with HP printers. 

123 HP.com Setup & Installation Process

123 hp com setup

When you purchase an HP printer, you will receive it in a well-protected package. When it comes to unboxing your new HP printer, you must be patient. To set up your HP printer, follow the instructions above at 123.hp com/setup.

  • First you must remove the packing materials from the printer in order to unbox it.
  • Avoid damaging HP printer components by handling them smoothly.
    Remove the power cord next. Plug it into an electrical outlet or into the printer.
    You need to turn the printer on.
  • Into the paper tray, feed the documents. Make sure your documents are clean and wrinkle-free.
  • After all of the documents have been placed, close the internal chamber.
  • After inserting the document, place the ink cartridges in the corresponding slots.
  • The 123 hp com setup printer ink slot will have a color tape indicating where the cartridge needs to be inserted.

Download & Installation Setup: HP Printer Driver 

Here you will find instructions for configuring the HP printer driver software. This indicates that the printer software has been successfully downloaded and installed. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the most up-to-date HP printer driver.

  • Connect the HP printer to your computer and turn it on. Run your favorite search engine.
  • Open the search engine at 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Understanding your printer’s model number is important. For the best printing driver software package, enter the model number for your 123 HP printer.
  • Based on your operating system, select the best printer driver.
  • Click on Download next, and you will be directed to the download method.
  • To download the printer software, select the folder Download.
  • To benefit from printing experience, run the computer software file recommended at 123.hp.com/setup for MAC devices or 123.hp/setup for Windows devices.

123.hp.com/Setup Printer Connection

If you’re thinking about connecting your printer, you have three alternatives to select from. Such links are not difficult to create, and if you need to adjust the connection settings, you may do so as well. Learn below.

USB Printing Setup

With HP printers, you can print files from a flash drive or a USB drive built-in. You can also scan email directly from the touch screen of the printer and print the document immediately.

Wireless Network Setup

The HP printer-supported wireless network connection technology makes it easy to connect to your wireless network. The machine prints directly to the printer via this method.

Ethernet Connection

By using Ethernet cable, you can establish a wired connection. A secure connection should be made between the Ethernet ports of your system and a printer.

123 HP Printer Driver Installation

Printer Driver Installation (Windows)

  • Installing a printer doesn’t require any software.
  • You can use the built-in drivers in Windows.
  • Drivers for Windows printers provide basic functionality.
  • Ensure your printer is disconnected from all USB cables.
  • Within the option Change Device Installation Settings, tap on Yes & save the changes.
  • 123 hp com setup printer driver installation can be done via USB cable or local network and the ‘Add a Printer’ Wizard will help you.

Printer Driver Installation (Mac OS)

  • Using the Apple Software Update, install the driver on Mac OS X.
  • Navigate to Printers & Scanners tab within the System Preferences menu.
  • To re-add the printer, click the ‘plus’ sign in the printer list and then click the ‘minus’ sign in the printer list to remove the printer first.
  • You can add a printer by clicking the ‘Add’ button.
  • Clicking on ‘Download and Install’ will prompt you to install the software.

123 HP COM Wireless Setup

HP wireless printer configuration allows you to connect all your Wi-Fi equipment. 123.hp/setup Wireless offers the Wi-Fi Direct option. Using the steps below, you can set up a wireless network for your HP printer.

  • First, go directly to the printer’s control panel. Click the Wireless Direct button.
  • After discovering Wi-Fi Direct, click on it. Then click Settings.
  • If you find the Turn On alternative, click it. This enables Wireless connectivity for your printer.
  • Up to five wireless devices can be connected using Direct Wi-Fi.
  • If you have a USB connection to your device, use this method.
  • Before starting the device, verify that Internet access is available.
  • You need to open HP’s printer software. Start by selecting Tools. Next, select Device Setup Software.
  • After that, click on Connect a new device.
  • If you wish to use wireless, select the Wireless option.
  • Following the steps above, you have successfully configured the wireless connection for your 123 HP printer.

Auto Wireless Connect

A wireless router connects a printer automatically to the wireless network using this technology. You don’t need to enter any network credentials to connect. When the 123.hp.com/setup has been completed, you can access this service.

  • Set up your printer with its driver and software.
  • Select the Connection type when installing. Proceed as directed on screen.

Note: The operating system must be Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.5 (and upgraded versions).

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

WPS supports Push Button and Pin connections. Push Button is a better, simple and straightforward approach in these two examples. You can configure the Wi-Fi Protected Setup by following the steps below:

  • First, open the HP printer and press the Pushbutton.
  • Activate your router’s Pushbutton after a few minutes. You now have a networked printer.

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123 HP Printer Repairing Outlines

HP’s active 123 hp com setup printer provides the best solutions available to solve all problems. It consists of helpful hints for solving common technology problems. With advanced solutions, all technology challenges are identified, comprehended, and resolved quickly. By using common procedures, one can also create a solution more quickly and more efficiently

  • Repair HP Printer Quality Problem 123.hp.com

HP Printers are not just good for quality printing. They still have a few issues to deal with and you need to repair hp printer. A variety of issues may arise from the printing method to the software settings on 123.hp com.

  • Repair HP Printer Offline Problem

A 123.hp.com Offline printer, which serves as an indicator of the printer’s status, occurs typically when the network connection between the printer and the device is interrupted, although other factors could also account for it.

  • Repair HP Printer Not Printing Problem

When facing press-related issues, 123 HP Printer generally fails to print. Normally HP printers work great, but when they fail, they are a real pain.

  • Repair HP Paper Stuck Problem

An HP design printer usually gets paper stuck when it catches paper or other printed material and can’t be removed. When this happens, the printer doesn’t function correctly until it receives the paper.

  • Repair HP Slow Printing Problem

The print quality varies based on the configuration of the system, the print mode, the complexity of the report, the software, and the type of paper being used.

Our article is a descriptive manual for all the users looking for info. on 123.hp.com/setup. After a thorough review, we have put up our content. We hope it has clarified all the information. For any further details, you can get to us anytime anywhere.