How to Reset Epson Printer Easily? (The Go-To Printer Guide)

Epson is a leading printer maker that makes an array of inkjet and laser printers. Printers are suitable for use at home or in business and are equipped with user manuals and online help. Resetting the printer is often required to eliminate a jam or clear a queue to tackle a different issue. There are a few models that come with a reset button; however, they all have an option to reset the printer. But the resetting process needs proper guidance. We are here for the same. Let us dive into the topic straightaway.

Two Basic Epson Printer Resets

Two Basic Epson Printer Resets

Before you attempt to work on how to reset Epson printer & Epson printer not printing, make sure to check for alternative solutions. For instance, the reset method will not eliminate a paper jam since a jammed paper tray is a physical issue & the issue of Epson printer not printing after changing ink. In this situation, you need to access the tray for paper and physically take out the jammed paper. After removing it, you can choose to resume the print job and your printer will resume printing.

The latest Epson printers are great at detecting the moment a jam in paper occurs and will wait until the jam disappears before resuming the task. Paper jams are generally simple to fix and don’t require a complete reset. You can just dig and clean the jam by using your hands.

A different issue is a simple lag , or an issue with the software because it has been overwhelmed by jobs. If you decide to print the document repeatedly the printer will create an unfinished job, and this could result in the printer not being in the printing backlog. In this situation you’ll be able to view the task panel on the printer, and remove any unneeded jobs. After that you can hit Resume and continue to go on the backlog.

If this method is unsuccessful, then you need to clear the entire log, then go to the following power cycle prior to performing an actual Epson resetter for the printer. Read below for detailed description on How to reset Epson printer.

Next Reset Steps: How to Reset Epson Printer

1. Run the Power Cycle

Run the Power Cycle

The power option isn’t technically a reset, however it is easy and fast. It can fix many issues just by creating a new blank slate that the printer can use. Sometimes the power cycle will remove the jobs that are being processed, or in some cases it will reload the jobs.

Turn off the power cord of the printer &  then sit for a couple of minutes. While you’re waiting for a restart, restart the primary computer connected directly to your printer. Reconnect everything to the power source and then check for the error “my Epson printer is not printing”.

2. Printer IP address Epson

If the printer isn’t receiving work from the computer, it is likely that there is an issue with communication between two points of communication. Verify the wireless settings and check the Ethernet connection to ensure that a clear communication line is available. Resetting the computer will not help if the wireless connections or the hard line are not working.

Setting the address of your IP is a popular solution to communication issues. The IP address could shift, and other devices attached to the printer may cease to communicate. Look at the reverse of the printer, where the power cable as well as Ethernet ports are. There is a pinhole within this area that allows you to reset your connection. It will reset the IP address that was originally set.

Press a paperclip on the button, and keep it in place for a few minutes. This triggers the reset needed to reset an IP address. If your printer doesn’t provide such a feature, it will have to reset your IP address from your computer through the printer’s settings..

How to Reset Epson Printer: 4 Essential Ways

1. A Reset Button Model

A Reset Button Model

Find the control panel of your Epson printer. It’s usually located in the upper right-hand corner of the printer.

Find the button that says Pause/Reset, located on the row on your control panel. Press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds to stop printing jobs as well as reset the printer to allow you to start printing new prints.

Try printing another time. Repeat the process a few times in case you continue to experience issues with your printer. Check your driver and update your document for any errors if you still have trouble printing.

2. Reset Maintenance Utility

This is a problem that occurs frequently which often causes frustration for users. The maintenance tool is built-in which stops printing when mechanical parts have worn out. In essence, the life span of the part is over and the printing quality will no longer be maintained. The printer will display the maintenance error and will stop operation.

In this case you will be able to use one maintenance program for the reset of your printer. This will not allow you to repeat the reset more than one time in a row, and you’ll have to replace the internal components or the printer itself once the error message comes back.

To launch the maintenance reset program, find the link beneath an error on your PC. Select the reset link to restore the operation. When the error is back, you are able to request that the printer be serviced by an Epson Care center you wish. All your questions on how to reset a printer will surely be answered.

3. Download the Latest Drivers

Download the latest version of drivers through the Epson support site to install in your system when you encounter frequent printer issues. The software you use to create documents and making sure not to print files which display errors or messages that are out of memory on the screen will also help to avoid printer issues.

Some printers of the past permit users to upload specific fonts using the “Alt” key on the control panel, along with that reset key. Check the owner’s manual for your model for more information regarding this feature “Alt” key on these models, the majority of which are laser printers.

4. Recycling Your Printer

If your printer is continuously failing and is not able to repair or reset, it could be an ideal time to upgrade. It’s a good idea to consult the Epson Approved Care Center for repairs, but make sure to take into account the costs versus the cost of purchasing the new model. It’s probably the right time to upgrade your printer particularly if you operate an office or business with a lot of printing.

That same Epson Adjustment Program Care Center will likely make the printer recyclable. Never throw your printer in the garbage. They contain electronic components that can be absorbed by the environment through landfills. The local county or city will have designated recycling drop-off locations. A lot of areas will also offer recycling events specifically designed for electronic devices.

Resetting Epson Printer into the Factory Settings

When the Epson printer gives you an error text as Printer Maintenance Required and thus you are confident that it is operating normally it is possible to restart the printer in order to remove the error text. There are 3 methods to work on how to reset Epson printer & back into the factory settings. For more details on resetting your Epson printer back into the factory settings, we’ll go over all three options here.

1. Control Panel for Printers Use

To reset your printer with the method described above, you will need to adhere to the following steps outlined below:

Control Panel for Printers Use

  • Start the menu Home in the Control Panel.
  • Utilize both navigation keys to access Setup. Next click OK.
  • Use either of the navigation options to locate the option Restore Default Settings & click OK.
  • Similarly, utilize the upward and downward navigation arrows to locate Restore Network Settings, then press on the button to confirm.
  • Start the printer.

Thus, you’ve successfully reset your printer back to default settings.

2. Reset Button Use

The Epson printers’ model features an option to reset the printer factory on the body. This button is used for resetting the printer back to its factory settings. Read below the steps for factory setting the printer:

  • Switch the printer off by pressing the Power switch.
  • Press a pin then hold on the reset tab to the side on the printer’s back.
  • Turn on the printer, and hold the Reset tab for 5 seconds.
  • Hold back the Reset tab once the warning page has been printed. Within a couple of seconds, an additional page with an IP address that is the standard for the printer, would print.
  • Utilize the IP address for reconfiguring the printer on your computer.

3. Epson Adjustment Program Use

This method is useful in instances where the printer’s buttons don’t function correctly. For resetting the printer, this process can take a little longer. But, it is straightforward to follow. The steps needed to be followed to set your Epson Printer to factory Settings with this method are as follows:

  • Download and install the latest Version of Epson’s Adjustment Software on your computer.
  • Install the Epson Adjustment software on your PC.
  • Click on the Select option to make the correct choices.
  • From the menu, choose the model of your printer and also the port to which the device is connected to the computer.
  • Select OK and confirm your selection.
  • In the Adjust and Maintenance windows, choose the Waste Ink Pad Counter option.
  • Make sure to click OK before confirming your selection.
  • Look for the primary Ink Pad Counter option, and then press the initialize button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Press the Finish button to complete the process of reset.
  • Restart the printer in order for the settings to take place.

You’ve successfully completed the factory reset process for your printer Epson troubleshooting.

This guide is an information asset for everyone looking for how to reset Epson Printer. As we saw, it is not a complex task but at the same time not at all easy. We tried our best to put up with every essential aspect and hope you are content with us. Bookmark us for future and we will be there for you anytime anywhere. Moreover, you can also get in contact with the Epson Printer Support team for further assistance.

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