HP Tango Printer – Setup

If the user has no idea of how to set up the HP tango printers then this guide may assist you in some ways. Setting up involves everything from unboxing to installing ink cartridges. We have divided the guide into sections. So, make sure to conduct the procedure as suggested below. 

HP Tango Printers Setup

If your printer is not printing after setting it up then learn the correct way to do so. You can get into the steps and complete the setup. 

Step 1: Unbox your Printer

First, you need to unbox the printer. Do it lightly so that you would not hinder any other product come within the box. 

  • Remove all the tapes used for securing the box. 
  • Discard it into the dustbin. 
  • Place the box in a horizontal line. 
  • Try to drag out the printer while pushing back the box. 
  • The box contains a power cord. 
  • Make sure to take it out too. 
  • Discard seals of the cord. 
  • Also, remove the sheet which has covered the printer. 
  • Turn on your printer. 
  • Lift the output tray while aligning corners. 

Step 2: Connect Printer to Power

hp tango x printer

After successfully dragging out the printer, let’s move ahead and connect the printer to the power source. 

  • Find out the USB port to the side of your printer. 
  • After that, place one end of the wire to the electric outlet.
  • Another one should be inserted into the printer’s USB port. 
  • Turn on the HP tango printer when it has successfully connected. 

Step 3: Install Ink Cartridges and Load Paper on HP Tango Printers

Now, the user is required to install ink cartridges and load papers to the HP Tango printers. There would be no printing without ink and papers. Therefore, take this guidance before installing HP Tango ink cartridges and loading papers.  

  • Bring out the ink cartridges from the sealed box. 
  • Move to your printer. 
  • Lift the printer’s output tray. 
  • Try to insert the papers.

hp tango printer

  • Fix the width by sliding these papers. 
  • Also, fit a load of white sheets into the input tray. 
  • Make sure to slide the sheets till the papers touch the surface of your printer. 
  • Hit the button to access the ink cartridge door
  • Lift up the door. 
  • Place your fingers on the black side while picking the cartridge.

HP tango ink install

  • Remove the sealing from the ink cartridges including the orange tape.
  • Place the cartridge in a way that it faces towards the printer. 
  • Keep it in the right slot. 
  • Thereafter, just squeeze the cartridge to fit it into the space. 

hp tango ink installation

  • Conduct the same procedure for another ink too. 
  • The printer will become ready to fulfill your printing requirement after successfully installing the inks. 

Note: You can also use the HP tango instant ink to ensure the better performance of your printer. It not only saves time and minimizes costs but also helps in detecting the ink levels. The user will receive an email every time the level gets low. 

After setting up the printer, we should move ahead and learn the steps of establishing a wireless connection setup. You will receive an elaborated procedure on this. So, make sure to move ahead and learn HP tango printer wireless setup. 

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How to conduct HP Tango Printer Wireless Setup

The printer needs to be set up before establishing a wireless connection. We will use three methods here. So, you can choose the simplest one according to your ease. But, before that just ensure these things below to get the result in minimal time. 

Things to Consider

  • Turn on the Printer.
  • HP tango printer and your computer should use the same wireless network. 
  • Make sure that the computer, router, and any connected device are powered on. 
  • Load the papers and install ink cartridges before moving ahead. 
  • Place the printer near the router range.  
  • Use a device that is connected to the WiFi. 

So, these are the things that a user needs to follow before moving ahead. After that, just connect the printer to a wireless network while using any of the methods provided below. 

Method 1: Use HP Smart App to Setup HP Tango Printer

HP smart app

HP smart app is compatible with macOS, Windows 10, Apple mobile devices, and Android. Therefore, try out the same sequence for your device. 

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android mobile. 
  • Consequently, try to download and install the HP smart via. 
  • Head towards the 123.hp.com site to find out the application. 
  • Then, try to locate the wireless button on your printer. 
  • Make sure to press and hold it for around 5 seconds. 
  • Open the HP smart app on Android. 
  • Click on the Plus sign. 
  • Thereafter, choose Add Printer button. 
  • Choose your printer model
  • The model would appear as HP-Setup<1F_Tango_X. 
  • Moreover, specify the WPA and WEP keys, the password for your network. 
  • The blue light on the printer gets solid after a successful connection to the wireless network. 
  • You can use the same steps for Windows 10, iOS, and macOS devices. 

Method 2: Setup HP Tango Printer using WPS

  • Find out the WPS button on your router. 
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on. 
  • Head towards the next steps if the router is not compatible with the WPS button. 
  • Thereafter, press and hold the wireless button of your printer. 
  • Make sure that you hold it for around 5 seconds. 
  • Now, within the timeframe of 2 minutes, you have to press and hold the wireless button for 3 to 5 seconds. 
  • The blue light turns solid after the printer connects to the network 

Method 3: Use Wi-Fi Direct Button on Windows 7, 8

If you could not find the local wireless network then make sure to use the Wi-Fi direct button. It will establish the connection on Windows operating system. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between Tango and Tango X?

Tango X is a little pricier as compared to Tango with a difference of around $50. Also, the former one has a fabric wrapped around the printer. You can find it in different colors like Gray Woven and Blue Woven.  

2. Does HP Tango work with iPad?

Yes, the HP Tango printer is compatible with all devices including Android, iPad, iPhones, Windows, and macOS. 

3. What does the yellow light on HP Tango indicate?

Yellow light on the HP Tango indicates the ink warning or issues within the ink. You must go through the instructions provided on the HP home page to troubleshoot this issue. 

4. Can HP Tango copy the documents?

HP tango is a cloud-based printer that lets you print, scan and copy from the device. The cloud-based feature allows you to access the printing task from anywhere at any time. 

5. What is HP Tango Instant Ink?

HP instant ink is a subscription-based service that takes care of the printing levels and ensures good performance. 

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