Canon Pixma Pro 100 Setup: From Wireless To USB (Full Guide)

So, you have recently bought a Canon Pixma Pro-100 and want to start printing immediately. However, you literally have no clue how to do it? Well, it doesn’t matter if you know the setup process already or are just a newbie, your printer will always require the accurate configuration. This is because your Canon printer needs to install all printer drivers properly on the system and follow other procedures to get it started.

Also, you can never skip the correct setup process because if you don’t follow the precise steps then it will harm your printer and system. Setting up your printer might seem confusing at first but If you’ve never attempted it before, then read our guide below. Here you will learn Canon Pixma pro-100 wifi, WSP, network configuration, and USB setup. You can choose any method that seems convenient to you.

Canon Pixma Pro 100 Wireless Setup on Windows

Firstly, connect your Canon Pro 100 to a secured wifi network. Once done, simply follow these steps:

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Setup

  • The first step is to ensure that your router is equipped with a WPS button. Then turn on your printer as well as the router.
  • Secondly, hold the WiFi switch on your Canon Pro-100 panel.  
  • Thereafter, hold this button until the power light flashes at a time.  
  • After that, the WiFi button changes to blue and blinks signaling that it is now ready for wireless connectivity.
  • Now push the “WPS” of your router in one hour to connect to the wireless connection.  
  • Then, install the Canon Pro-100 setup driver on your Windows.
  • Now, select the most recent Pixma Pro-100 drivers with software and launch “Software Installer”.  
  • When you are installing the software, come to the screen  “Add a Printer”.

Canon Pixma Pro 100 Setup

  • Connect your Pro-100 Printer to Windows.  
  • Finally, choose the name of the Pro 100 printer from the list, and print a test document.

Canon Pixma 100 Pro Wireless Setup on MAC

  • Firstly, turn the printer on as well as Mac PC.  
  • Thereafter, connect your Canon Pixma Pro 100 to WI-Fi as per the instructions above.  
  • Install the most current version of your printer’s driver from Canon’s official website. Thereafter follow the on-screen directions and complete the driver download.  
  • Now navigate to “Apple Menu”.
  • There choose “System Preferences”.

choose "System Preferences".

  • Then, tap on “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Now click “+,” or as seen in the picture below. Then, add the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer there.  

click "+,"

  • Choose your specific printer now.  
  • Finally, your Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is connected wirelessly to your Mac system.  

Way to Set Up Your Canon Pixma Pro-100 via USB (Wired Connection)

Follow these steps to configure the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer via the USB connecting method.

  • Firstly, turn your printer ON. The light of the power lamp will be reflected following this action.  
  • Now from the upper part, just remove the Cap which is beside the back of your printer.

Rear View

  • With an Ethernet cable, connect the Canon printer to the network device. Be cautious not to connect it to USB ports.  
  • Lastly, release the resume/cancel button after the printer lamp blinks 11 times.  
  • Find your model’s number from the Canon website. Simply pick your operating system tap on “Download” to install the driver.    
  • Tap on the “Driver Package” button to launch the setup after finishing the downloading process. Thereafter follow the on-screen instructions to wrap the installation procedure.  
  • Now come to the desktop. Tap on “Start” and open “Control Panel”.  
  • Afterward, tap the “Device & Printers” option from the existing screen.  

tap the "Device & Printers" option

  • Following the action, you will see an installed printer list on the left.
  • Finally, you can press “Next” to ensure that your Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is successfully included in the list.
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Canon Pixma Pro-100 Setup via WPS Connection Method

Keep the next mentioned points in mind before you try to set up Canon Pro 100 via the WPS method:

  • Check that your access point contains an actual WPS switch.  
  • Use the normal connection method if there isn’t a WPS switch.  
  • Be sure your network is running WPA2 or WPA security protocols because many WPS compatible access points utilize it.  

Now let’s move on to the steps:

  • Turn on the Canon Pro-100 printer.
  • Hold the button “WiFi” at your printer’s top until you get the blue light.  

Hold the button "WiFi" (the Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup)

  • When the blue light flashes, ensure that it is moving upwards on the indicator. When it is at the access point, immediately push the WPS button within the next 2 minutes.  
  • The light of the Wi-Fi will continue blinking as it searches for connections. It’s an indication that Canon Pro-100 is now connected successfully 

Follow these steps attentively and finish the Canon Pixma Pro 100 setup without difficulty. These approaches are simple to follow and even a newbie can connect its printer after following these methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Print From My Canon Pixma Pro-100 ?

Print all kinds of documents and images using Canon’s Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer. But firstly ensure that enough pages are in the cassette.

  • Now, turn your printer ON and ensure that the printer software is properly installed on your computer.  
  • Thereafter, pull out the cassette for the paper.
  • Then, pull out your paper output tray extension, and just slide all paper guides.  
  • Now load a paper sheet and make the print side facing you.  
  • Then, align the width guides of the paper by matching it with the paper size.
  • Confirm that the paper is correctly loaded in the manual feed.  
  • Visit the Canon printer driver setup screen and modify the printing settings.  
  • Open a document or a picture file to print and give the commands.

Q2. Is it Possible to Use Wireless/wired to Connect my Canon Pixma PRO 100?

Yes, it is possible to connect both USB as well as wireless connections for Canon Pixma Pro100. Choose the type of connection while downloading the software. Select “USB” or “Wireless” as the wizard prompts you. Then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Q3. Why Canon Pixma Pro-100 Won’t Print?

Users can encounter Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer isn’t printing issue due to a number of reasons. The steps to repair are.

  • First, connect the power cable of your printer properly.
  • Now, check that your Canon Pixma Pro 100 is connected perfectly with your Windows PC.  
  • Examine your USB Cable to check if it’s defective, if yes then replace it.
  • If you have a WiFi connection, move the printer nearer to your router.  
  • Limit the WiFi channel interference.  
  • Then, you can load the paper into the tray and close it appropriately.  
  • Now, select your printer as “Default”.   
  • Finally, conduct a test print to determine if the issue has been resolved.  

Q4. What are the Best OS Platforms that Work with Canon Pixma Pro 100 ?

It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS versions.

  • Windows Operating System: Windows 7, Vista SP1, 7SP1, XP-3 32-bit processor, and Vista SP1.
  • Mac Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.9.

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